Being from Brazil, I often hear pleasant comments about the vibes and joy my country is known for. However, more than rhythm and fun-loving spirit, my culture embedded me with flexibility of mind and love for people. Friends are an important part of my life, and I believe in considering a person my friend until I am proved wrong – partly because of my environment growing up, and partly due to my own personal characteristics.

I am passionate about teaching and about learning, which I see as two complementary sides of education, in the sense that I cannot believe I am really teaching something unless I realize I am learning at the same time. We can compare it with breathing: there is no such thing as living just exhaling, inhaling is an intrinsic part of the process.

I have a degree in Psychology and I studied Psychoanalysis, which reveal the lens I in fact see the world through – even the world of education. Whenever I see a bridge, I bring together Psychoanalysis and Education in the articles and posts I write. As for my background in Education, I have a Masters of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood and Elementary school, and an endorsement in Reading – another important focus of mine, since I have come to see words as the tools to develop thinking and to make sense of our realities.

Although I tend to think deeply, I also enjoy careless fun, like lying in the sun playing cards, doing crossword puzzles, or doing nothing; riding a bike with no destination just for the sake of it; going out dancing or dancing while I clean the house; playing WII for hours and hours or watching tv shows with my husband… endless ideas come to mind!

Above any other pastime, however, my unparalleled favorite is cooking. Cooking from scratch, following recipes or creating some deliciousness out of nothing, cooking with friends or for friends, cooking to pamper myself or my husband, cooking to relieve stress, cooking for no reason at all.

Since this blog portrays all that makes me Carolina, subjects discussed here may seem disjointed at times because each one of us makes our personal connections between ideas, and what makes sense for me may seem odd to someone else. On the other hand, my posts will probably touch something on each reader who cares about all these things that make us human.

If you ask me, that is the beauty of having a space like this: the possibilities of expression.


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