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Philosophy of life

In 2008 I wrote about “my philosophy of life and its ramifications for education”. I can still feel the passion of those days, although sometimes life stifles the energy a

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Em Dexter Debora Morgan foi promovida a tenente. Em uma conversa com seu irmão, ela fala de sua tristeza por seu pai não ter vivido para ver essa grande conquista.

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In Dexter Debora Morgan was promoted lieutenant. In a conversation with her brother, she expressed her sadness for not having her father around to see her success. She looked up

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Minha irma veio do Brasil para me acompanhar em minha estréia como mãe. Ela tem dois filhos – filhos que ela deixou no Brasil para estar aqui comigo, 100% focada

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My sister flew here from Brazil to be with me in my inception as a mother. She has two children of her own – children she left in Brazil to

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The epidural made it possible by masking the pain so I could birth my baby. And my husband made it possible by bringing to light our strength as a couple. I could not have made it without either.

Tornar-se mãe

“Você não vai se tornar mãe quando o nenê nascer. Você se tornou mãe no momento que acolheu esse nenê dentro de você.”

Becoming a mom

“You do not become a mother when you give birth. You become a mother the moment you embrace growing that little baby inside your body.”


35 weeks That’s how long I have been pregnant. I have been loving every step of the way. That is not to say I had no discomforts, or pains, or

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Perspectives on Feeling: Language and Living

Language and Feeling On Monday I once again introduced new words to help students communicate their feelings. This time, I am working with Intermediate ESOL Kindergarteners. More than my 2nd

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