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Multiliguismo nos ajuda a crescer, ampliando a habilidade de pensar e ser.

About Children, Reading, and Picture Books

Sad News About a month ago, as I excitedly shared with a friend my journey of writing a children’s picture cookbook, I learned that “the New York Times had an

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Educação Social Emocional

“Os efeitos da educação infantil na performance escolar” Li ontem um artigo no Child Psychology Research Blog a respeito da importancia da Educação Infantil (ou creche). Para aqueles dentre nós

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Social Emotional Learning

“Daycare effects on school performance” Yesterday I read an article in the Child Psychology Research Blog about the importance of daycare: “Is daycare good for my child? Daycare effects on

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Play with your child’s food

Innovating Children’s Lunchbox As a child, I always served my plate trying to keep it harmonious, usually relying a lot on symmetry and the color and shape of each food

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“If we wanted to make learning to read and to write as difficult as possible, fragmenting language learning into several unrelated lessons each day would be a good way to

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