Tornar-se mãe

“Você não vai se tornar mãe quando o nenê nascer. Você se tornou mãe no momento que acolheu esse nenê dentro de você.”

Becoming a mom

“You do not become a mother when you give birth. You become a mother the moment you embrace growing that little baby inside your body.”


35 weeks That’s how long I have been pregnant. I have been loving every step of the way. That is not to say I had no discomforts, or pains, or

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Walking away from chaos – a good choice

I am a perfectionist, and I stress myself to the limit trying to keep up. But today I simply walked away.

Never Satisfied

And I realize that in part, being a teacher is being a professional who is always studying, always learning, because we are never satisfied with how things turn out in our daily teaching.

Perspectives on Feeling: Language and Living

Language and Feeling On Monday I once again introduced new words to help students communicate their feelings. This time, I am working with Intermediate ESOL Kindergarteners. More than my 2nd

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Excitement and Desperation in a Second Grade English Enrichment Classroom

I feel ______ when _____ By the 40th minute of class I threw my arms up in the air and my body down on a chair. It took me a

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Path to Expertise

Guidance Not sure I have written about the amazing guidance I got from my Reading Specialist team last school year. Yesterday I had a brief breakdown, shaken off by my

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Esta semana eu comecei uma nova fase. Uma fase em que sou funcionária permanente de um distrito escolar, com uma posição integral sob a perspectiva distrital, mas trabalhando meio período

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This week I started a new phase, one in which I am a permanent employee of a school district, holding a full time position from the district perspective, but working

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