Comida e Multiculturalismo

Acho interessante como algumas pessoas verdadeiramente preocupadas com educação multicultural e aceitação humana em geral às vezes, pelo desejo de ampliar a perspectiva do que é multicultural, desprezam como superficial

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Multiliguismo nos ajuda a crescer, ampliando a habilidade de pensar e ser.

Life Skills

A half hour in a Life Skills room brings a lot of thoughts, considerations, and admiration for the professionals who put their minds and their hearts to the service of children with more than special needs.


Extrinsic motivation has been discussed for decades. Still, in education we see it used often to obtain desired behaviors and to convince students to dedicate time to learning. What are we teaching these students when we use such strategies?

Some facets of being a teacher

The other day, talking to teachers I work with, I stated a few lessons I learned concerning parent-teacher relationships. One of the key enlightenments I had, in my opinion, was

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Reading teacher

Teaching reading to struggling learners goes beyond pushing them forward. To me it relates more closely to helping them find the joy of learning.

About Children, Reading, and Picture Books

Sad News About a month ago, as I excitedly shared with a friend my journey of writing a children’s picture cookbook, I learned that “the New York Times had an

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Yay for Healthy School Lunches!

From I just read an article about a cool project in action in some American schools: cooking healthy food from scratch and banning fast food items from the lunch

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Educação Social Emocional

“Os efeitos da educação infantil na performance escolar” Li ontem um artigo no Child Psychology Research Blog a respeito da importancia da Educação Infantil (ou creche). Para aqueles dentre nós

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Social Emotional Learning

“Daycare effects on school performance” Yesterday I read an article in the Child Psychology Research Blog about the importance of daycare: “Is daycare good for my child? Daycare effects on

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